Quadrus band is a symphonic metal project from John Galanakis that formed in Athens Greece at June of 2014 with Marios Konnaris and began with the creation of ENTROPIA – concept album.

Later on, after 2 years of composing and orchestrations for ENTROPIA, John came in contact with Nikitas Mandolas who recorded the drums for the whole album alongside with Jon Soti, who recorded the Male Vocals, Alexandra Misailidou who wrote the lyrics and the Female Vocals, Marios Konnaris who recorded the lead guitars and John Sotirakis who recorded the bass guitar.

Lots of influences from progressive,djent,thrash,death,black,symphonic,folk,celtic, music and guided from the sound of Wintersun, Dream Theater, Symphony x, Epica , Dragonland, Ensiferum, Nightwish,Two steps from Hell and Hans Zimmer, led to the current sound of Quadrus and formed the cinematic style of Entropia


When you are influenced by musicians, that rocked your world,and every note begins to bounce ideas off your mind,by giving life to fantasy world from books and music,you dare to give it all.I want the world to feel in awe,just like I did through those influences..-John Galanakis

Truth be told,I started with mixed feelings this project with John.Actualizing and befalling the whole story of Entropia,through those compositions,by writing those guitar solos, it was like I was filling in a cosmological puzzle..=Marios Konnaris me Entropia levels up the vibrations of every single word,I wrote in these lyrics.This experience must be an assemblage of several ideas and feelings..An Order and Disorder to a universe that runs towards its death.-Alex Misailidou

I visualize people identifying, by every sound ,lyric and frequency of this very album.Entropia is a journey to me, through different dimensions that manages to get me to my primal stage of zero.-John Sotirakis

By the time I heard John composing the first Entropia Orchestrals,I was sure I wanted to participate in this huge idea.It was a mental realization,it was a concept of a dream..-Jon Soti

The formation of every track of Entropia and several transitions,elevate a musical journey through time and space..-Nikitas Mandolas


Entropia is a concept album-story that narrates the story of mankind and the endless circle of human interdependence with the universe! How it all began? How we fell? How we turned our possitive vibes into dark matter against our own self? How our own hatred became one with us and slowly rotted us from the inside? What is the meaning of life? Is there any way for redemption?

The answers to those questions lie within this album and the listener will judge and will interpret the deeper meaning based on his own understanding and knowledge for the world!

ENDLESS orchestrations, cinematic tracks, progressive patterns and operatic voices both male and female but ALSO brutal vocals playing various roles between each other are the elements that give a theatrical character to this album! And also special quests from amazing musicians! ;) WIth lots of influences from progressive,thrash,death,black,symphonic,folk,celtic,djent music and guided from the sound of Wintersun, Dream Theater, Symphony x, Epica , Dragonland, Ensiferum, Nightwish,Two steps from Hell and Hans Zimmer, ENTROPIA promises you an amazing musical journey from the deepest routs of human soul and mind to the vibes of the endless universe that surrounds the world! AN AMAZING SYMPHONIC CINEMATIC EXPERIENCE AWAITS YOU!!!!


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